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150-Piece  Custom Puzzle

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Art in Miniature: Customizable 6x4 Puzzle

Transform any image into an interactive masterpiece with our customizable 150-piece puzzle. Measuring 6" x 4" upon completion, it's perfect for showcasing intricate artwork, historical photographs, or iconic designs. Ideal for both entertainment and display, this puzzle offers a unique blend of creativity and engagement for museum-goers of all ages. Elevate your store's offerings with a personalized touch—whether as a standout souvenir or a cherished gift, our puzzle is designed to inspire and delight.


Versatile Packaging Options:

Flat Presentation in a Polybag: Order the puzzle flat with a backing card included in a clear transparent polybag. The backing card can be customized to feature the artwork credits and the museum's name, providing a sleek and informative presentation.
Gift Packaging in a Clear Tube: Opt for the gift-packed version, where the puzzle is presented in a clear tube with a custom label. This label prominently features the artwork and the museum's name, making it a fantastic gift option that visitors will love to take home.

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How It Works: Customizing Your Puzzle

Send us your artwork, and we’ll handle the rest! Please send us a high-resolution image or an EPS file for optimal printing quality. You’ll get a PDF proof to approve, and if needed, we can send a free sample (just cover $25 shipping). Approve, and we'll print and ship your custom puzzles!

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